Who We Are

andrew deutschAbout BusinessProv and Andrew Deutsch, President, Workshop Facilitator and Training Strategist

The focus of what we do is to have people in the “play experience” of business improv. This is important because it has been documented that when people are having fun, their ability to learn increases exponentially. By creating a supportive, enjoyable environment, BusinessProv teaches participants the improvisation skills of active listening, agreement and creative problem-solving. Just by using the guiding principle of “Yes, and,” which is the core of improvisation, participants create an environment of agreement which fosters healthy risk-taking and positive transformation. Shyness and self-consciousness are replaced with self-confidence and collaboration. This approach allows participants to realize their creative potential and team-building ability.

We lead workshops for businesses and organizations, introducing them to business improvisation skills via paired or group exercises and games. We have conducted numerous improv workshops in New York, California, England, Israel and Australia.

We additionally provide empowering individual and executive coaching as well as consulting services.

The business soft skills that we teach originally came from theater games, and we have adapted them for the purpose of facilitating creative problem-solving, powerful speaking and listening skills, and team-building in the business environment.

We blend improv techniques with sales skills, social psychology, and personal development psychology.

Andrew’s background includes studying and working with the best. He has studied with John Monteith, the Groundlings and the People’s Improv Theater (PIT) in New York. He worked together in improv workshops with Dion Flynn, who has appeared frequently on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Andrew also has a strong and successful background in sales. He has sold millions of dollars of business-to-business advertising and greeting cards.

Andrew is a member of the Applied Improvisation Network (AIN).

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