What We Do

Our world-class instructors teach effective improvisation techniques for companies and associations. We work with small groups (5 – 50 people) as well as larger groups (51 – 500 people). All of our training is customized and is ideal for in-house workshops, off-site corporate events, annual meetings and parties.

what we do

We provide you with business improv workshops and consulting that are tailored to your company or association’s goals, including developing the following soft skills:

  • Leadership Ability
  • Problem-Solving Ability
  • Critical Thinking
  • Power Listening Ability
  • Team building/Collaboration Skills
  • Client and Customer Relations Skills
  • Creative thinking
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Decision-Making Ability
  • Sales Skills
  • Fast-on-Your-Feet Thinking
  • Self-Confidence

It all starts with listening and being in agreement!

Improv is practicing “Yes, and” in all exercises, which includes the skills of agreement and power listening and a much higher quality of being present. This creates positive transformation.

Whether it’s sales, negotiating, customer and client relations, or teambuilding, people want to be heard. Power listening is listening with full commitment and attention to what the person is saying. This is hard for us to do because we are often in our heads thinking of what we are going to say, rather than being present and really listening. Our customers, clients, co-workers, associates and partners can always feel the difference! Their reaction to being heard or not being heard is dramatic. Listening and being more present are skills that can easily be improved with improv games.

We also provide individual and executive coaching, including developing:

  • Executive Presence
  • Critical Thinking
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Problem-Solving Ability
  • Presentation and Speaking Skills
  • Reading Body Language Effectively
  • Interview Skills
  • Modeling and Matching Skills
  • Mastering Pattern Interrupt