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I have been on the receiving end of Andrews talks and he is so inspiring – my favorite speaker in the world – the quirky way he presents and connects with people is very motivating and empowering. I try never to miss any of his presentations.

Zoe Campbell, Computer Coaching - One-on-One, Workshops, Social Media Management and Radio Computer Coach

Andrew has over a decade of experience and is able teach and guide people to let go of there negative limiting beliefs and bring them to a place of prosperous thinking. He has helped me to perform better in all area’s of my life. I thank Andrew for all his help and encouragement.

Paul V. Pompeo, Senior Enterprise Account Executive


To Whom It May Concern, I had the privilege of taking two of Andrew’s improvisation workshops at separate meetings with two very different groups of people. I’ve been a professional performer for many years and was hilariously paired with people who had no experience whatsoever. Right from the get Andrew’s sheer enthusiasm for other people’s joy was infectious. He set the tone with his positive attitude, self effacing charm, and sizable people skills. Those who were new to the improv experience, were taken gently by the hand. Those like myself, who were experienced, were pushed not only to follow but to lead. The room warmed up almost immediately, the laughs were raucous and the genuine support between these groups of near strangers was palpable. I’d recommend Andrew’s workshops to anyone, anywhere, for any occasion.

Matt Beisner, Owner, THE ZEN DOG

I have had the good fortune to work with Andrew Deutsch for the past year. I have witnessed, first-hand, his keen ability to not only to build trust among people but also to engender warmth, collegiality, and collaboration among complete strangers!

Today, with communications and people competing for our attention and interest like never before, Andrew is a welcome catalyst for more effective listening and more active engagement with each other and the world around us.

I have every confidence in Andrew’s ability to help others thrive. I wish him a world of success.

Deborah Burns, Managing Principal, Brand Architect

Andrew is a fountain of creative ideas and I totally recommend him.

Dion Flynn, Performer, Jimmy Fallon Show


Periodically, I have great good fortune of seeing Andrew in action at various workshops he gives for aspiring small business owners like me. His understanding of group dynamics and his ability to empower people to go beyond themselves to make sales calls and actually close viable deals is nothing short of amazing. Equally amazing is his delivery: Rather than play the motivational speaker, he is genuinely funny, basing his humor on the warmth of his spirit and his obvious personal growth. I think it’s fair to say that I have more than tripled my income in the three years that I have been participating in Andrew’s workshops and doing the follow-on work that he suggests.

Edward D. Weinberger, Ph.D., Weinberger Post-Quantitative, Inc.